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Lasting Longer

23 Jul

Today we will look at some tips from www.lastinglonger.org  to show you how to last longer in bed.  You can start implementing these straight away and they are likely to get you lasting longer in not much time at all. So here we go. Here is the first of 10 tips for lasting longer in bed.

Breathing helps you last longer in bed

Get you breathing right men! I can’t stress this enough and I’ll repeat it as many times as I have to. Breathing  deeply is natural during sex, yet just about all men who suffer premature ejaculation will start taking tense, short, and fast breaths as soon as they begin intercourse, or for some, as soon as they even think about intercourse with their partner. If you want to last longer.

If you r want to last longer, begin by taking deep and relaxed breaths will before intercourse has even begun. I can almost guarantee that if you do this the next time you have sex you will last longer in bed. It may be 20 seconds longer, it may be 30 minutes. Either way it will get you lasting longer in bed, and the more you work on it the more benefit it will give you. This is even more so true when combined with the other great techniques discussed on the how to last longer in bed guide.