Tip two for lasting longer in bed

23 Jul

Time for tip two for lasting longer in bed

The last tip for lasting longer in bed was to get your breathing right. Did you try it out? I’m sure it helped you last longer.

Become accustomed to relaxing your pelvic muscles.

This is something you can practice at any time of the day.  If you get this correct, it will help you last longer. When you have sex, your pelvic muscles begin tensing up and contracting. If fact for many men with a case of premature ejaculation, their pelvic muscles are contracted for pretty much all of the day. This is something that has to stop right now. You should be constantly reminding yourself to relax your pelvic muscles throughout the day, whether your at work, in your car or just walking along the street. This is one of the keys for lasting longer in bed.

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