How to last longer in bed. That’s the question

23 Jul

Just how to last longer in bed. That’s the big question many men ask themselves alot.  There are a stack of ways to last longer in bed. Just one of them is by extending foreplay. This helps men to last longer as it will give him more time to get used to their arousal and keep things under his control . This also will give women more enjoyment.  If you go to hard and to fast from the very start you will have little chance of  really lasting longer as your body has no time to get used to the feeling.  So remember… to last longer, start off slow. Spend 10 or 15 minutes on foreplay. Then when sex begins, then make sure to start slowly and don’t thrust too deep at the start. After a while when your body will become accustomed to the sensation.  Then you can speed things up a bit.

So guys. if you want to last longer don’t forget the foreplay. It really is important for lasting longer . For more tips to least how to last longer in bed check out this complete site.

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