Tip 4 on Lasting Longer in Bed

23 Jul

Here we are again for some more PE help. This is the learn how to last longer in bed tip number 4. This one is all about making sure you are nice and relaxed , that’s really important for men looking to last longer in bed. If your stressed, this is no good at all. it is likely that you’re muscles will be tensed up. This is really bad for men with a case of premature ejaculation because it’s actually the tensing of the muscles in the pelvic region that causes premature ejaculation and stops you from lasting longer in bed.

A great way to become less stressed is to start with some nice relaxed and steady breathing. Forget about all your worries in the world. Turn your phone off and focus only on your partner. Many experts believe that stress is one of the main things that prevents men from lasting longer in bed. If you are stressed, you really  do need to teach yourself how to last longer in bed.

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